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Proven Solutions Through Civil Mediation

David W. Sullivan was one of the first Registered Civil Mediators in the State of Indiana and has assisted litigants in resolving thousands of legal disputes. His unrivaled experience has taught him that litigation is not the best means to resolve a dispute. Litigation is complex, time-consuming and prohibitively expensive. For many clients, the solution is to mitigate the need for the court through alternative dispute resolution methods. Civil mediation can be an ideal resolution method.

Benefits Of Mediation

Mediation offers a unique environment during a dispute and presents the structure and guidance needed for ideal outcomes. In a mediation setting, our firm takes advantage of:

  • Increased flexibility: Mediation focuses on both parties finding a solution through negotiation, meaning that clients can choose personalized options courts would not entertain.
  • More control: The court process takes decision-making out of clients’ hands. Mediation lets clients decide the outcome.
  • Retained options: Unlike some other forms of dispute resolution, mediation is nonbinding, meaning that unless you agree to the outcome, you keep the right to go to court.

At Cox, Zwerner, Gambill & Sullivan, LLP, we focus on offering our clients a variety of resources and options, and we draw on our firm’s century-long history to guide our clients to the legal solutions that work.


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